2019 General Election Recap: Local 106 Crushes It!

Your Local Assisted our Endorsed Candidates in Winning 11/12 races:  92%, fellow firefighters...not bad at all.

We will speak directly with these officials when we have areas of concern.  We have their ears.  Thank you for your allowing the resources to make this happen.


40th District Senate: Lovelett: Win!

Bellingham Mayor: Fleetwood: Win!

Whatcom Co. Executive: Sidhu Bellingham Council, Ward 1: Stone: Win!

Bellingham Council, Ward 5: Anderson: Win!

Bellingham Council, At Large: Huthman: Win!

Whatcom Co. Sheriff: Elfo: Win!

Whatcom County Council, At Large: Frazey: Win!

Port of Bellingham Commissioner, District 3: Briscoe: Win!

Fire District 21, Position 3:  Scott Fisher and Kathy Berg: Win!

Fire District 4, Dave Hanson: : Win!

City of Lynden Council, Position4:  Brent Lenssen : Win!

City of Lynden Council, Position2:  Darren Johnson : Loss ;(






Posted in Political Action, Public News on Dec 20, 2019