Help needed TODAY passing Presumptive Coverage in Oly


Presumptive disease legislation is at risk of dying in committee today.   

Your Union needs your help.  Please call your Representative this morning.  Simply pose the following request to your Representative,

"Would you please ask the Chairman of House Appropriations, Timm Ormsby, to hold a vote on House Bill 2633 and please support this bill when it comes to a vote"  

HB 2633 adds nine cancers, stroke and MRSA for presumptive disease coverage, and extends coverage to public employee fire investigators and EMTs.  The bill also seeks to cover law enforcement for heart problems, stroke, and infectious diseases.  

HB 2633 was passed out of the House Committee on Labor and Workplace Standards and received a public hearing on Saturday.   But the bill MUST be voted out of committee by the close of business today, Tuesday, February 6 or it dies.  

Contact your Representative by calling the legislative hotline at 1-800-562-6000.  In the 40th District,  Your Representatives are Kris Lytton  (360) 786-7800 and Jeff Morris (360) 786-7970. In the 42nd, please call Representative Van Werven (360) 786-7980 and Vincent Buys (360) 786-7854. 

Thanks for taking action for YOUR future.  

In Solidarity 


Posted in Political Action, Public News on Feb 06, 2018