IAFF Local 106 2017 General Election Endorsements

Brothers and Sisters,

"Live from Las Vegas...we roll out this year's final endorsement list.....The envelope, Please"

In all seriousness, the following candidates have shown an interest in working with your Union in a positive way on issures relating to your hours wages and working conditions.  These folks have worked with us on issues relating to your contracts, your benefits,  or your DRS classification.  Your Poltiical Action Committee  knows your family has many considerations in its basket  for choosing a candidate.  We hope you will consider your job and benefits as a prominant piece of that.

As we do every year, we will have a breakfast with these candidates and then go out and collect their signs for them in Bellingham and other areas.  This will be on November 8th, 0830 @ the Bellingham Golf and Country Club.  Thanks for considering joing up!



Whatcom County Council






City of Bellingham






Port of Bellingham

Michael Shepard


Lynden City Council

Mark Wohlrab


Fire Protection District 4

Anna Trenouth


North Whatcom Fire Rescue

Rich Bosman


45th Legislative District, Senate

Manka Dhingra


48th Legilslative District,  Senate

Patty Kuderer



Posted in Political Action, Public News on Oct 16, 2017