PAC Report: Aug/Sept. 2018

PAC Report: August 2018


The Blue Wave Approaches…or does it?


The 2018 Primary elections were good for Labor and they indicate that the General should be a wake up call to those who would slam the door on firefighters and other working folks. Here is a re-cap:


U.S. Senator

Maria Cantwell, Won primary handily, 55%-25%  


THE IAFF HAS ENDORSED SENATOR CANTWELL... and will continue to do so as she works hard for Labor

U.S. Representative Congressional District 1

Suzan DelBene, Won the primary handily, 60%-35%

THE IAFF HAS ENDORSED...and will continue to do so as she works well with the IAFF 

U.S. Representative Congressional District 2

Rick Larsen, Won the primary, 65% to his closest competitor, 7%

THE IAFF HAS ENDORSED..and will continue to do so as he often seeks our input on Federal Matters



Mari Leavitt, House of Representatives District 28, Won Primary 53%-46% Recommend $100


Julie Door, House of Representatives District 25, Lost Primary by 2%.  Does not move on.  


Bill Ramos  House of Representatives, 5th District, Won Primary, 54%-46%.  $200 donation recommended.


Patty Kuderer, State Senate District 48, Won Primary 60%-30%, No donation recommended


Christine Kilduff, House of Representatives District 28, Currently Won Primary 59%-42%, Endorsed by:

  • IAFF 31 – Tacoma Fire Fighters
  • IAFF 726 – Pierce County Fire Professional Fighters
  • IAFF 1488 – West Pierce Fire Fighters


Recommend Endorse/donate $250 to her campaign.


State Representative Position 1 Legislative District 40


Debra Lekanoff won the Primary with 28% of the vote, versus the 21% of the next highest challenger.  If one were to count D vs. R, the D’s would have had 62% vs. 38%

Local 106 had a thoughtful interview with Deb Lekanoff last Friday.  We found her to be quite committed to protecting your pension and safe working conditions in Olympia.  She is a strong person who has a future in politics.  It is good to have in in the family of Labor.  


State Representative Position 2 Legislative District 40

Jeff Morris, 100%!  (No Challenger)

Jeff has been a tremendous friend of Union Firefighters.  He is very tech smart and is nudging Washington towards a sustainable and economically strong future.


State Senator Legislative District 42


Tim Ballew II, lost the Primary with 25%.  

Pinky Vargus was 2nd  in the race with 29%.  Doug Ericksen, has been somewhat cordial but also toxic to the cause of Labor, ‘won’ with 46%.  After the race, Mr. Ballew conceded the race AND thoughtfully nudged his supporters to support Pinky as their platforms were not terribly different from one another.  Together, they pulled in 54% of the vote.  That’s a winning combo for firefighters.

I recommend endorsing Pinky Vargus and to donate $950.



State Representative Position 1 Legislative Distric 42



Justin Boneau 50.7%, Luanne Van Werven 44.3%


Justin did well in this race, winning a majority of votes…barely.  Though he beat Van Werven, there were 3 contenders: If she were to get the votes of the other Republican in the General, she would be neck and neck.  She is well-liked and I believe she will dial it in for the General.  Further, Justin has not come to us to ask about our endorsement process.

Van Werven, the incumbent, has shown herself to be weak on Labor and FF issues, yet willing to work with us in Olympia.  We will have our hands full with the other two races in the 42nd.  I truly believe we can work with Luanne IF she can be separated from Buys and Ericksen.


State Representative Position 2 Legislative District 42


Sharon Shewmake 52%, Vincent Buys 48%

Buys, the incumbent, has shown himself to be weak on Labor and FF issues.  He has worked the Right to Work angle and is not a friend of firefighters.  He actually suggested that a message which supported teachers on our I-5 sign would keep him from touching our issues.  That’s no way to treat your fire fighters :(



Prosecuting Attorney

Eric Richey won 58% vs. 42% for James Erb.  

Mr. Erb has slammed our Law Enforcement Brothers and Sisters to gain a political advantage. This, after he sought their endorsement..and lost.

I move that we donate $900 towards for his General Election race.



County Council At-Large Position B

Carol Frazey: Carol really came on strong, 42%.  If one added the votes of the other 'D', Aaron Thomas, she would roll in about 61%.  Her closest competitor, Mike Peetoom, had 24%, and 38% if one added the other 'R'.


Other General Election Endorsements

Bellingham Home Fund:  Yes, with $250 donation.  It is already fairly well-funded and should pass.  We are working with the chair of the campaign to commit to contacting the City of Bellingham to partner with us on letting them know that Emergency Response needs to match the City’s and Citizens’ willingness to home the homeless.  


Pinky Vargus: $950 donation


Debra Lekanoff, $950 donation


Eric Richey: $900 donation


Carol Frazey: $750 donation


Sharon Shewmake: $950


Mari Leavitt:  $250 donation


Bill Ramos:  $250 donation.


Christine Kilduff:  Endorse/donate $250.


Bellingham Home Fund: $250 donation


What Else?


Federal Judge Ruling Protects Federal Fire Fighter Collective Bargaining Rights: Yo’ Trump, talk with my Union

A U.S. District Court judge for the District of Columbia has issued a 116-page opinion in a landmark case invalidating most of the key provisions of three executive orders issued by President Donald Trump in May that would have slashed the rights of federal fire fighters.

Judge Kentanji Brown Jackson ruled that implementing the orders would have unjustly limited the effectiveness of unions representing federal employees (including IAFF members) and would have been in violation of the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Act (FSLMRA).

“When our members’ rights are attacked, we fight back,” says General President Harold Schaitberger. “We were proud to stand with our sister unions in fighting these anti-union executive orders.”

The IAFF contributed to a legal defense that included the AFL-CIO, National Federation of Federal Employees, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, and the National Treasury Employees Union. The unions filed a federal lawsuit against President Trump after he issued the executive orders, which would have limited federal unions’ ability to collectively bargain on several subjects, including discipline and official time, and would have made it more difficult to bargain in good faith by significantly speeding up the timetable for completing negotiations.

“These executive orders were nothing but an attempt to weaken existing federal law and squash the voices of hard-working, dedicated federal employees in the federal sector,” says 16th District Vice President James Johnson. “We appreciate the judge’s decision.”

The president does have the right to appeal. But, until then the injunction to prevent implementation of the executive orders will remain in effect. (from the IAFF)

Your Local represented these concerns to the U.S. Congress in Washington D.C. last March.  A reminder that we are a country of Laws.



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