Presumptive Bill Add-On: Call to Action

Brothers and Sisters,

As we consider BFD Brother Carlberg's passing, it has been hugely disappointing that Mayor Linville was not willing to do the right thing by our friend in covering his esophageal cancer as duty related.  IF we can pass this Presumptive Disease Add-On bill at the State level, we will no longer have to ask local government to do the 'right thing'.  Instead, folks like Neil will simply be covered.

To those ends, we have a House and a Senate bill which need to pass out of the Rules Committee before they hit the legislative floor for an 'up or down' vote.  We have governmental relations folks in Olympia working behind the scenes to nudge our bills along.  At some point, however, legislators need to hear from YOU, directly.  It makes a big difference...really.

Please contact your lawmakers from the House of Representatives and the Senate to ask them to support our bills.

Specifically, we need House Bill (HB) 2633 and Senate Bill (SB) 6213 pulled out of the Rules Committee to get a vote on the 'Floor'.  It can be a very simple message. Here is what my note to my Legislators in the 42nd looks like:


Representative Buys,

Please assist as much as possible in moving HB 2633, the bill which considers scientific based add-ons to current Presumptive Coverage laws for Law Enforcement and Firefighters, out of Rules so it might have an Up-Down vote on the floor.  This bill is very important to my family's security should I contract a covered cancer or disease.

Thank You for your consideration.

Colin Lowin, Constituent




To find your district and legislator, please use this link:


Washington State Legislature



Washington State Legislature



I thank you for your time, L106 Brothers and Sisters.  Please contact me with any questions you may have about this or other Legislative questions:  360.319.2280

Colin Lowin, PAC Chair



Posted in Political Action, Public News on Feb 12, 2018