Want to BE the Change in your Democracy? File as a PCO Candidate...(now)

IF you consider yourself supportive of one of the two largest political parties, or if you are already politically active within one such party, you may consider running as a Precinct Caucus Officer (PCO).  This position is a 'neighborhood' job in which you represent your neighbors at the lowest political level, the 'precinct', deciding Party platforms and voting within the structure of that political party at the state level, and maybe even the National Level (read: Democrat or Republican National Convention).   I am the Democrat PCO for my neighborhood, the 216th precinct.  There are Republican PCO's in my hood as well.  


Filing Week is THIS week, so the time is now.  As always, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about this or any other Union/Political  topic.

In Solidarity,

Colin Lowin, PAC Chair






Posted in Political Action, Public News on May 11, 2020