Why Biden...Part II

So What Have You Done For Me Lately???

Joe has been: 

Providing for Families of the Fallen

  • Early in his Senate career, Biden championed the Public Safety Officers Benefit (PSOB) program, which provides death benefits to the families of fallen fire fighters.
  • Later, Biden introduced and passed legislation to increase PSOB benefits from $150,000 to $250,000, and indexed it to inflation so the benefit is now $340,000.
  • Biden supported and helped enact legislation extending PSOB benefits to fire department chaplains and individuals named in fire fighters’ wills.
  • When the Department of Justice delayed the delivery of PSOB benefits to survivors — sometimes for years on end — Vice President Joe Biden helped break through the logjam and deliver much-needed and overdue benefits to families of the fallen. 

Ensuring Fire Fighter Safety, Sufficient Staffing and Equipment

  • Senator Biden helped create the Assistance to Firefighters (FIRE Act) and Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) grant programs, and consistently advocated for robust funding.
  • As vice president, Biden fought to double the funding for the SAFER grant program and worked to institute the SAFER waivers that saved thousands of fire fighter jobs.
  • As senator, Biden voted to allow the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) to establish an ergonomic standard benefiting fire fighters.
  • Senator Biden voted to pass the Ryan White Notification Act requiring fire fighters and EMS personnel to be notified by hospitals in the event of exposure to bloodborne or airborne transmittable diseases.
  • Biden introduced legislation in the Senate to establish a fire service bill of rights, including the right of fire fighters to know about the dangers posed by hazardous materials and exposure to infectious diseases encountered during emergency response.


That's what....

Posted in Political Action, Public News on Jun 04, 2020