IAFF Local 106

Bellingham / Whatcom County Professional Fire Fighters in Bellingham, Washington.

  • 2019 General Election Recap: Local 106 Crushes It!

    Posted in Political Action, Public News on Dec 20, 2019

    Your Local Assisted our Endorsed Candidates in Winning 11/12 races:  92%, fellow firefighters...not bad at all.

    We will speak directly with these officials when we have areas of concern.  We have their ears.  Thank you for your allowing the resources to make this happen.


    40th District Senate: Lovelett: Win!

    Bellingham Mayor: Fleetwood: Win!

    Whatcom Co. Executive: Sidhu Bellingham Council, Ward 1: Stone: Win!

    Bellingham Council, Ward 5: Anderson: Win!

    Bellingham Council, At Large: Huthman: Win!

    Whatcom Co. Sheriff: Elfo: Win!

    Whatcom County Council, At Large: Frazey: Win!

    Port of Bellingham C...

  • So-Called 'Cadillac Tax' on Your Health Insurance KILLED

    Posted in Political Action, Public News on Dec 20, 2019

    After years of delays and indecision, Congress has finally acted to stand up for hardworking Americans, do what is right and repeal the employer-provided health insurance tax, more commonly referred to as the Cadillac Tax.

    “The Cadillac Tax is finally dead, and along with it one of the IAFF’s most important legislative priorities has been realized,” says General President Harold Schaitberger. “Employer-provided healthcare is part of this union’s foundation and we will continue in our fight to protect it at every opportunity, whether it be a tax or an attack that attempts to take it away comple...

  • Guess which state has the strongest unions?

    Posted in Political Action, Public News on Nov 04, 2019



    Guess which state has the strongest unions?


    New national analysis finds Washington’s unions are strongest… and growing 

    (Nov. 4, 2019) — The Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO (WSLC) has long proclaimed Washington to be a “Union State.” That’s because of its high union membership rate, its groundbreaking contracts, and the state’s long history of dynamic collective action for improved labor standards — from our minimum wage, to our paid sick and family leave, to our strong safety nets for injured and laid-off workers — ...

  • 2019 General Election Endorsements

    Posted in Political Action, Public News on Oct 08, 2019

    40th District Senate: Lovelett

    Bellingham Mayor: Fleetwood

    Whatcom Co. Executive: Sidhu Bellingham Council, Ward 1: Stone

    Bellingham Council, Ward 5: Anderson

    Bellingham Council, At Large: Huthman

    Whatcom Co. Sheriff: Elfo

    Whatcom County Council, At Large: Frazey

    Port of Bellingham Commissioner, District 3: Briscoe

    Fire District 21, Position 3:  Scott Fisher and Kathy Berg

    City of Lynden Council, Position2:  Darren Johnson 

    City of Lynden Council, Position4:  Brent Lenssen 






    Posted in Political Action, Public News on Aug 01, 2019

    Your Whatcom Co. Primary Ballots should have been delivered to your home.  If it has not, PLEASE contact the Whatcom Co. Auditor.  L106 has done much research and many interviews to come up with a slate that we believe best represents your hours, wages and working conditions.  We will have more interviews and research on other candidates before the General Election.  I invite you to take part in these activities.  Plese lmk if that's you.  In the meanwhile, LMK if you have questions about candidates in the races other than those in which we've endorsed.

    In Solidarity,

    Colin Lowin



    CITY OF B...


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