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  • Ski to Sea Race

    Posted in Public News on May 27, 2018

    Megan Wohlrab, daughter of North Whatcom Firefighter Mark Wohlrab, waves her support sign on the banks of the Nooksack River in Lynden.
    Megan was one of a group of roughly 15 people there cheering on Local 106 in the canoe leg of the 2018 Ski to Sea Race.

  • PAC Report: April 2018

    Posted in Political Action, Public News on May 02, 2018

    PAC Report: April 2018


    Federal:  Firefighter Issues Your Local worked on in D.C.  The weekend following our March B’ham Unit meeting, President Glorioso and I spent two days educating members of  the 2018 U.S. Congress about issues affecting firefighters around the country.  We were warmly greeted by the offices of Congressman Rick Larsen, Congresswoman DelBene, Senators Cantwell and Murray.  Below are some of the specifics (info pulled from IAFF).  Like much worthwhile legislation, some issues take years to accomplish.

    Federal Collective Bargaining

    'Fire and police departments benefit from 

  • PAC Report: March 2018

    Posted in Political Action, Public News on Mar 02, 2018

    PAC Report: March 2018


    Washington State Legislature:  This has been a tremendous year for Union Firefighters in Olympia.  Due to our statewide political action work, there is a labor friendly House of Representatives, Senate and Governor.  As such, we made some progress this year.  I would like to thank those of you who wrote letters and went to Olympia on behalf of the WSCFF to educate our legislature on our issues.  We were heard. 

    Below are the bills we focused on.  SB stands for Senate Bill and HB for House Bill.  Though I show only the SB or HB, it takes both houses to pass a bill.



  • Presumptive Bill Add-On: Call to Action, EXAMPLE

    Posted in Political Action, Public News on Feb 13, 2018

    Brothers and Sisters,

    President Glorioso wrote an expanded letter to legisltors regarding the Presumptive bill.  Though I would not expect any member to put the amount of time into his/her own letter, it is a shining example of the 'power of the pen'.

    Dear Legislators,

    First, I would like to express our gratitude for further evaluating the merits of particular cancers being added to current Presumptive Disease legislation. The work of our past legislators and those who are tasked with the betterment of this legislation are doing the good work of taking care of those who make a career of taking...

  • Presumptive Bill Add-On: Call to Action

    Posted in Political Action, Public News on Feb 13, 2018

    Brothers and Sisters,

    As we consider BFD Brother Carlberg's passing, it has been hugely disappointing that Mayor Linville was not willing to do the right thing by our friend in covering his esophageal cancer as duty related.  IF we can pass this Presumptive Disease Add-On bill at the State level, we will no longer have to ask local government to do the 'right thing'.  Instead, folks like Neil will simply be covered.

    To those ends, we have a House and a Senate bill which need to pass out of the Rules Committee before they hit the legislative floor for an 'up or down' vote.  We have governmental...

  • Help needed TODAY passing Presumptive Coverage in Oly

    Posted in Political Action, Public News on Feb 06, 2018


    Presumptive disease legislation is at risk of dying in committee today.   

    Your Union needs your help.  Please call your Representative this morning.  Simply pose the following request to your Representative,

    "Would you please ask the Chairman of House Appropriations, Timm Ormsby, to hold a vote on House Bill 2633 and please support this bill when it comes to a vote"  

    HB 2633 adds nine cancers, stroke and MRSA for presumptive disease coverage, and extends coverage to public employee fire investigators and EMTs.  The bill also seeks to cover law enforcement for heart problems, stroke, and in...

  • PAC REPORT: January 2018    

    Posted in Political Action, Public News on Jan 04, 2018

    PAC Report: January, 2017


    Local:  Members Mark Wholrab and Sister Trenouth (Arlington Fire) will start their new positions as City Council and Fire Commissioner, respectively.  Good luck and thanks for stepping up.



    Mike McAuley, a friend of firefighters who had put his name in to run against Doug Erikson for Senator of Washington's  42nd Legislative District has chosen to pull his name from the race.  When I spoke with Mike after his decision, he said he felt he could make more of an impact as activist citizen in the district.  He also said that he was not closed off to a run in the futu...

  • Hey Local 106: SAFER and FIRE Grant Funding needs YOUR Help

    Posted in Political Action, Public News on Dec 06, 2017

    Local 106 Brothers and Sisters,

    As you may recall my reporting, legislation to reauthorize the FIRE and SAFER grant programs passed the U.S. Senate months ago, but the U.S. House has failed to act, despite many opportunities.

    Unless the U.S. House of Representatives acts soon, the FIRE and SAFER grant programs will be abolished on January 2 -- in less than one month. It is critical that these essential programs are reauthorized NOW! 

    House Republican leadership promised we IAFF fire fighters they would get the job done. It's time to live up to their word. In less than two legislative weeks, Co...

  • Firefighter Jason Karwhite Memorial Scholarship

    Posted in Member News, Public News on Nov 19, 2017

    Bellingham/Whatcom County

    Firefighters Benevolent Foundation


    The Firefighter Jason Karwhite Memorial Scholarship honors the memory of Bellingham/Tukwila firefighter paramedic Jason Karwhite.

    Jason’s life came to a tragic end on September 27, 2014 as a result of a motorcycle accident, leaving behind his wife Sandy and children Gage & Georgia.

    Like many people, Jason was determined to make the world a better place; his life was characterized by friendship, leadership, and community involvement.

    Jason’s life was dedicated to children, families, education, and public service. His commitment to t...

  • 2017 IAFF 106 General Election Endorsements

    Posted in Public News on Nov 05, 2017


    Whatcom County Council






    City of Bellingham






    Port of Bellingham

    Michael Shepard


    Lynden City Council

    Mark Wohlrab


    Fire Protection District 4

    Anna Trenouth


    North Whatcom Fire Rescue

    Rich Bosman


    45th Legislative District, Senate

    Manka Dhingra


    48th Legilslative District,  Senate

    Patty Kuderer